Accreditation Criteria

The criteria for accrediting our schools was adopted with attention based on measurable and reliable indicators of educational distinction.

Therefore, the entire accreditation process serves two purposes:  to be both an assessment of, and instructive to a private schools seeking accreditation.

1. Accredited Schools Texas will provide each aspiring accreditation member a packet containing the necessary standards and requirements to obtain accreditation. The school will then have a period of three months to make the pertaining changes, before submitting a final review to AST for a final determination as to whether the school has met all the criteria.

2. Re-evaluations: We strive to constantly help schools improve every aspect of the criteria, and therefore we require re-evaluation prior to the beginning of a school year to be able to accredit a subsequent school year. If an accredited school has failed to upkeep such standards, accreditation will not be renewed.

The Director of Accreditation will notify the school should there be areas of concern, and give a period of one month to address them.

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