1. Formal written requirement to pursue accreditation.

2. Filled out application form, with payment of the inscription fee.

3. Description of Mission, Vision, policies and requirements of the school.

4. A course list and description for each grade offered.

5. Schools must provide proof of having operated for at least two years.

6. Schools are required to have at least Pre-k to 8th grade.

7. Signed Non-discrimination policy, that is, that it does not discriminate

on the basis of race, color, and national or ethnic origin with regard to student enrollment or staff hiring.

Accredited Schools Requirements During the Accredited School Year

1. The school must be able to document that it is maintaining its mission.

2. The school must be able to document proof of accomplishment of set goals for student accomplishment and improvement.

3. School will be asked to document student enrollment and financial stability to address any issues that might make it decrease.

4. The school must have been free of public and moral scandal.


The school must provide a curriculum outline whose content and goals reflect a challenging and quality education.

The document should include:

1. Pedagogical Fundaments of the Educational Method.

2. General and specific Objectives of the Educational Method by grade and by subject.

3. Profile of the school graduate.

4. Curriculum outline map for elementary and middle school: this is a visual portrayal of subjects and themes learned in all the school grades offered.

5. Curriculum outline map for High School : Must include credits for each subject.

6. Evaluation Criteria: Outline of criteria used for evaluating students, as well as the tools or means used to evaluate their progress. Include graduation requirements.

7. Physical Education considerations: Please explain how you monitor students Physical Education requirements.

8. List any Special-Ed requirements or guidelines given to families.

9. Learning Resources: any links or reference to learning resources that you supply your students in addition to their curriculum.

Required Subjects in the Curriculum

  1. Instruction in reading through phonics.
  2. World History and Literature.
  3. Writing, Grammar, Spelling, and Composition,
  4. Mathematics. For High-School we require Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry.
  5. Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  6. Music and Arts
  7. Geography.
  8. Computers.
  9. Learning Skills.
  10. We suggest adding Logic, Economics, and Finance.

Record Keeping

The school must have complete, accurate, legible, and securely maintained records for each of their students. This should include proof of enrollment and payment, personal documents required for enrollment, and evaluations and assessments that corroborate the student’s work, progress and satisfactory completion of the school year.

An example of record keeping for one student for each grade must be sent as part of the documentation.

Accreditation Process

The documentation package is the school’s means to demonstrate that it meets all of the Criteria for Accreditation. This package must contain all of the documentation of the Sections I through IV items required above.

Package must be mailed to:

17595 West Blanco Rd. Suite 201, San Antonio, Texas 78232

The Commission shall be given two months from date of delivery,  to asses and evaluate the information. The Director of Accreditation will notify the school with any amendments or corrections that may need to be made, and will allow the school up to four months to address and correct them. Failure to correct  the problems will result in the need for the school to begin the process over.


1. AST may inquire about  matters that seem relevant and in accordance to AST Mission statement that may not be listed above.

2. Schools pursuing accreditation with AST may be declined notwithstanding having  met all the criteria, but don’t encompass AST Mission as a whole.

3. Fees: please contact us for information regarding fees.

4. Accreditation Renewal. All of the requirements stated in this document apply for accreditation renewal except as modified by the amplifying guidelines below:

Reapplication Accredited Schools must reapply yearly to maintain AST accreditation. Schools may receive renewal accreditation for a period of from one to five years, based on the evaluation of the school, at the end of which re-applying is necessary to keep accredited status.

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